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Written by Claire Simon

  • Hold On...Being Put On Hold Is A Good Thing!

    Written By Claire Simon published in acting tips, auditioning

    Often times after a long day of auditions, I get to grab a quick second to check Facebook, and undoubtedly I'll see a few postings by actors who'd commented on their audition that day. There are always comments about how well it went or conversely maybe they are contemplating poking their eye out after a really crumby one. Side note, I keep looking for the one that says "I just couldn't concentrate because the casting director was too stunningl…

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  • Thank You!

    Written By Claire Simon published in general

    Simon Casting celebrates its 19th Anniversary today.
    To any actor, agent, writer, director, or producer that I have had the privilege to meet and work with on this most wonderful journey...Thank you.
    To all of you that have made us laugh, made us cry, given us goose bumps when you sang your song; to all who have shared your gift and put yourself on the line every time you walked in the door…Thank you.
    To all of you that have joined us …

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  • Your Greatest Tool … Preparation

    Written By Claire Simon published in etiquette

    I've spent the last couple weeks immersed in regional theatre auditions which are usually really wonderful. I don't know why it seems that the more time we give our lovely actors, the less prepared they are, but it's a mystery. A mystery I'd really rather not be part of I'm thinking. Keep in mind, that for one day of auditions, we usually spend 3 weeks to a month getting ready ourselves. We read the script, get breakdowns out and pre read anyon…

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  • Welcome to My Casting World

    Written By Claire Simon published in acting tips, auditioning

    About a hundred and forty two years ago I graduated from college with all the enthusiasm and none of the preparation necessary to become a highly successful working actress. I had non realistic expectations, and all the passion in the world. I expected pursuing this career to be a smooth transition from the nirvana of college. After all, I was Cecily in the Importance of Being Earnest for God's sake. Who wouldn't want me? Most everyone, it tu…

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  • Four Words That Will Change Your Audition

    Written By Claire Simon published in acting tips, auditioning

    When I was fresh out of college and swimming in the audition world without a paddle, I'd made an audition appointment at a large theatre and was required to bring a classical piece. The college I'd just graduated from was a liberal arts college which translated for me was "we will teach you a little about a lot of things and will prepare you for nothing ..". Thus I left college with a whole lot of confidence and no clue how to navigate the prof…

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