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Written By Claire Simon published in acting tips, audition tips, etiquette, simonlive, simonsays, the business of acting

About a hundred and forty two years ago I graduated from college with all the enthusiasm and none of the preparation necessary to become a highly successful working actress. I had non realistic expectations, and all the passion in the world. I expected pursuing this career to be a smooth transition from the nirvana of college. After all, I was Cecily in the Importance of Being Earnest for God’s sake. Who wouldn’t want me?

Most everyone, it turns out. I auditioned and made every mistake I could possibly make, I had the wrong headshots for the market I was in (I fancied myself sexy and the rest of the world saw fit to see me as a young mom), the wrong audition pieces and the wrong perception of how to get ahead.

After graduation, I knew I would get all the leads, just as in college. Flash forward ten years and I would have been happy to carry some nice actors spear on stage. With all the passion that actors have, for that flame that never seems to blow out, I dedicate this blog. For now, lots and lots of years later, after being an agent for many really talented actors and now being a casting director for almost fifteen, I can only think I wish I had known then what I know now. I am going to try and share what I know, so I can save some young graduate from going to a commercial for a fitness product from wearing a sweater dress and clunky boots. So I can save someone from a disasterous audition in front of producers and just mentioning that if the script says the character is in his underwear… should not audition in your underwear. (This has happened).

So thus I begin a journey with you. I will share what I know. And hopefully make you a more successful actor. and a happier well adjusted human as well.

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