We’re thrilled to say we’ve played a role in all of the following films!


  • Reporting for Christmas Poster

    Reporting for Christmas

    Jack C. Newell


    Primary Casting

  • We Grown Now Poster

    We Grown Now

    Minhal Baig

    Primary Casting

  • Candyman Poster


    Jordan Peele, Win Rosenfeld, Ian Cooper, David Kern


    Primary Casting

  • My Evil Stepdad Poster

    My Evil Stepdad

    Stacia Crawford, Kevin McGrail

    MarVista Entertainment


  • The Last Summer Poster

    The Last Summer

    Mike Karz, Bill Bindley, and Wayne Rice


    Chicago Casting

  • Gringo Poster


    Nash Edgerton

    Picrow Features, Inc.

    Chicago Casting

  • The Perfect Christmas Present Poster

    The Perfect Christmas Present

    Stacia Crawford, Kristopher McNeeley

    MarVista Entertainment

    Chicago Casting

  • When Jeff Tried To Save The World Poster

    When Jeff Tried To Save The World

    Kendall Goldberg

    Chicago Casting (role of El Diablo)

  • Death Wish Poster

    Death Wish

    Eli Roth

    MGM, Paramount

    Chicago Casting

  • Surprise Me! Poster

    Surprise Me!

    Nancy Goodman, Jeff Marsten, Kevin McGrail

    Chicago Casting

  • Landline Poster


    Matthew Aaron, Steve Weirich

    Chicago Casting

  • Game Day Poster

    Game Day

    John Susman & Stuart Wolf


  • Office Christmas Party Poster

    Office Christmas Party

    Josh Gordon & Will Speck

    Pittsburgh Productions, LLC.

    Chicago Casting

  • A Light Beneath Their Feet Poster

    A Light Beneath Their Feet

    Valerie Weiss

    PHD Productions

    Chicago Casting

  • Who Gets The Dog? Poster

    Who Gets The Dog?

    Huck Botko

    2DS Productions


  • Unexpected Poster


    Kris Swanberg

    Draft 9


  • Sinister 2 Poster

    Sinister 2

    Ciaran Foy

    Blumhouse Productions

    Chicago Casting

  • Jupiter Ascending Poster

    Jupiter Ascending

    The Wachowski’s

    Warner Bros.

    Chicago Casting

  • Divergent Poster


    Neil Burger


    Chicago Casting

  • Man of Steel Poster

    Man of Steel

    Zack Snyder

    Warner Bros.

    Chicago Casting

  • Contagion Poster


    Steven Soderbergh

    Warner Bros.

    Chicago Casting

  • Bad Johnson Poster

    Bad Johnson

    Huck Botko

    2DS Productions


  • Paranormal Activity 2 Poster

    Paranormal Activity 2


    Chicago Search and Principal Booking

  • One Small Hitch Poster

    One Small Hitch

    John Burgess



  • I Heart Shakey Poster

    I Heart Shakey

    Kevin Cooper

    Amarok Productions


  • The Gifted Hands Poster

    The Gifted Hands

    Thomas Carter


    Location Casting, Chicago & Detroit

  • The Last Rites of Joe May Poster

    The Last Rites of Joe May

    Joe Maggio


  • Formosa Betrayed Poster

    Formosa Betrayed

    Adam Kane

    Formosa Films


  • The Informant Poster

    The Informant

    Steven Soderbergh

    Warner Bros.

    Chicago Casting

  • The Lucky Ones Poster

    The Lucky Ones

    Neil Burger

    Return Productions

    Chicago Casting

  • The Poker House Poster

    The Poker House

    Lori Petty

    AgBeCam Film, LLC

    Chicago Casting

  • The Lake House Poster

    The Lake House

    Alejandro Agresti

    Warner Brothers

    Chicago Casting

  • A Home at the End of the World Poster

    A Home at the End of the World

    Michael Mayer

    Killer Films in conj. w/ Jim Carnahan


  • Ali Poster


    Michael Mann

    Columbia Pictures

    Chicago Casting

  • Under The City Poster

    Under The City

    Adam Golomb

    Hyde Park Films

    Chicago Casting

  • Save The Last Dance Poster

    Save The Last Dance

    Thomas Carter

    Paramount Pictures

    Chicago Casting

  • High Fidelity Poster

    High Fidelity

    Steven Frears

    Top Five Prod./Disney

    Chicago Casting

  • Hardball Poster


    Brian Robbins

    Paramount Pictures

    Chicago Casting

  • New Port South Poster

    New Port South

    Kyle Cooper


    Chicago Casting

  • Madison Poster


    William Bindley

    Madison Miracle Productions

    Chicago Casting

  • School of Rock Poster

    School of Rock

    Paramount Pictures

    Chicago Search & Principal Bookings

What People Are Saying About Us

  • Simon Casting is an absolute must for production in Chicago. Claire and her team consistently went above and beyond in helping us populate the landscape of “Boss” with an amazing pool of local actors. Both personally and professionally a joy to work with, I can’t recommend Simon Casting highly enough. Plus, it’s hands down the most comfortable casting office ever!”

    Dee Johnson

    Executive Producer / Director / Showrunner

  • I love working with Simon Casting. They not only know the diverse and incredibly talented pool of actors available in town, but work closely with producers and directors to uncover unique casting opportunities. My only regret is that they are not in Los Angeles and New York as well.”

    Ken Olin

    Executive Producer / Director