Don't **** with our Actors.

If the definition of success is doing what you love everyday and calling it your work, then we hit the jackpot.

We Do What We Love

For the past twenty years, we’ve had the privilege to work with the most talented, hard working, and down-to-earth actors in Chicago, not to mention some of the top writers, directors and producers in TV/Film and Theatre today.

And You’ll Love What We Do

With a passion for the business, a creative eye, an attention to each little detail, and the energy to leave no stone unturned, our casting team is dedicated to making sure our clients’ expectations have not only been exceeded, but that they also walk out the door knowing how important they are to us.

Wait! Why Call Yourself The Casting Mafia?

During a casting session for a feature film, our director remarked that we were so organized we were like the Casting Mafia. Aside from the fact the name had a criminal connotation, we took it as a compliment and the name stuck!

Meet the Casting Mafia

  • A photo of Claire Simon - Now A photo of Claire Simon - Then

    Claire Simon

    President / Director of Casting

    Although Claire has been casting professionally since 1996, her first casting gig was actually at the age of 10. While producing her second revival of The King and I in her garage, the neighborhood kids staged a revolt, and demanded a fair audition process after they discovered she was planning on giving herself the lead role for the second year in a row…

  • A photo of Sanaa Sayyed - Now A photo of Sanaa Sayyed - Then

    Sanaa Sayyed

    Casting Associate

    Two weeks after graduating from Sam Houston State University in Texas, Sanaa joined Claire Simon Casting as an intern in January 2010. She then took a brief casting hiatus to be a Film and Television Talent Agent at Shirley Hamilton, Inc. for three years. Returning to the mother ship in July 2013…

  • A photo of Catlyne Lasser - Now A photo of Catlyne Lasser - Then

    Catlyne Lasser

    Casting Associate

    Catlyne is currently the casting associate on NBC’s Chicago P.D. It’s also been her pleasure to work on Empire (FOX), The Girlfriend Experience (Starz), In An Instant (ABC), Chicago Fire (NBC), the film Sinister 2; and various other film, television, theater, and commercial projects​…

  • A photo of Jackie Dimitrief - Now A photo of Jackie Dimitrief - Then

    Jackie Dimitrief

    Casting Associate

    Jackie is currently the casting associate on Fox’s “Empire” as well as the theatrical associate at Simon Casting. Prior to becoming an associate, Jackie was the casting assistant on “Chicago PD,” “Chicago Fire,” and “Empire.”

  • A photo of Leah Bostic - Now A photo of Leah Bostic - Then

    Leah Bostic

    Casting Assistant

    Leah is the newest member to Claire Simon’s casting mafia. After working as a production assistant for BET’s “Monique Show” and working in the extras casting department on Lee Daniels’ “Precious”, Leah knew that the entertainment industry was something she could see a long and exciting career in…

  • A photo of Chiara Del Prete - Now A photo of Chiara Del Prete - Then

    Chiara Del Prete

    Casting Assistant

    Chiara is so excited about her opportunity at Simon Casting!

What People Are Saying About Us

  • Claire and her staff are, quite simply, superb at what they do. They are an invaluable resource, providing the intuitive, creative casting ideas, with an unfailing collaborative sensibility that makes working with them both productive and fun.”

    Adam Arkin


  • What’s great about working with Claire and her team is the amazing, start-to-finish and beyond customer service: not only do they work tirelessly to find great people to see, track down anybody we want, and always deliver to quality, but they treat us so exquisitely in the process! They know that everything contributes to the casting experience—actor preparedness, timing, comfort, clarity of communication, space, facilitation—they are absolutely the best.”

    Janet Allen

    Artistic Director at Indiana Repertory Theatre