Casting Celebrations

  • Featured Photo - Weekly Casting Celebration: Miracles From Heaven

    Weekly Casting Celebration: Miracles From Heaven

    • this week’s casting celebration is for all the girls who auditioned for miracles from heaven on Thursday!

      You all know who you are!

      Being a child actor is hard. It takes a village to help one child achieve her dream. From getting to and from auditions, to helping them prepare, to consoling them after they didn’t get a booking…it’s a lot of work for parents and young actors.

      Here at Simon Casting, we hold auditions for kid roles often, and sometimes it’s hit or miss. Inevitably, a few children may come in not as prepared as we would have liked, or maybe the child freezes in the room (understandably so…. it’s intimidating in there!), or maybe the child just doesn’t understand the gravity of the role.

      Yesterday, we held auditions for a feature film with some pretty heavy content. Each little girl came to our office and knocked it out of the park. Everyone was so prepared and handled the material with maturity and understanding.

      Today we celebrate all your hard work. We appreciate you!