• Feature Photo for Meals for Monologues!

    Meals for Monologues!

    • June 12, 2019
    • Join us for our 2019 Meals for Monologues!

      - We will audition every actor who brings 2 items from the list below.
      - Prepare one 1-minute contemporary monologue and bring one copy of your headshot/resume.
      - You must show up BEFORE 3 PM to be seen. This will allow us to see everyone before 5 PM.
      - As this is an open call, there will be lots of waiting, so plan accordingly.

      - Peanut Butter
      - Jelly
      - Individually packaged snacks
      - Juice box/Capri Sun packages
      - Ziplock bags
      - Socks
      - Rain ponchos
      - Handwipes
      - Box of granola bars
      - Fast food gift cards
      - Smuckers uncrustables

      We cannot wait to see you all and to give back to Chicago’s homeless.