A photo of Sanaa Sayyed - Now A photo of Sanaa Sayyed - Then

Sanaa Sayyed

Casting Associate

Two weeks after graduating from Sam Houston State University in Texas, Sanaa joined Claire Simon Casting as an intern in January 2010. She then took a brief casting hiatus to be a Film and Television Talent Agent at Shirley Hamilton, Inc. for three years. Returning to the mother ship in July 2013, Sanaa is back in action at Simon Casting as a Casting Associate, working on such projects as ABC’s Betrayal, Netflix’s upcoming series Sense8 by the Wachowski’s, NBC’s Chicago Fire, and multiple film, commercial, and print projects. Sanaa loves working with all the fabulous Chicago actors…especially those of which whom she identifies with the most: kids.

Casting Advice

Don’t ever compare yourself to a fellow actor. Actors are like snowflakes. EVERYONE is different. I don’t care if you’re the same demographic with the same hair color and weight and height…. you’re different.

Fun Facts

Mafia Family Nickname:

Sanaa “Sanaapple” Sayyed-Labeouf

Celebrity Crush:

It’s a packaged deal: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. But if you’re talking about celebrity true love that will last until the end of time… Shia Saide Labeouf. Always and forever.

When I’m not casting, I’m:

On my couch, with a bowl of cereal and a blanket, watching Shaun of the Dead for the 100th time.

When I grow up, I want to be:

A tour guide at the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tour.

Idea I wish I thought up first:

Insta-Cart! Why didn’t ANYONE think of this first?! How is it 2015 and we JUST thought of this system? I don’t ever have to walk home carrying a case of water bottles again.

If I could set up another branch of Simon Casting, it would be in:

London. All day. Everyday. London. Okay bye. Cheerio.