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Clayton Joyner

Casting Assistant

Clayton is beyond thrilled to join the team at Simon Casting - a longtime dream! She graduated from Illinois State University with a degree in acting, where she earned the prestigious Irene Ryan National Acting Scholarship at The Kennedy Center. Her greatest joy is helping artists of all kinds achieve their dreams. She has passion for true crime and reality TV. She is so grateful to be at Simon Casting where she has the opportunity to work alongside this group of strong, talented women. Special shout outs to her family, friends, Caleb and GrubHub for always having her back.

Casting Advice

Be on time and take that walk around the lake.

Fun Facts

Mafia Family Nickname:

Clayton “The Bone Collector” Joyner

Celeb Crush:

John Krasinski

When I’m not casting, I’m:

playing with my dog, listening to a podcast, or watching Downton Abbey one more time.

When I grow up, I want to be:

Wonder Woman

Idea I wish I’d thought up first:


If I could set up another branch of Simon Casting, it would be in:

Toluca Lake, CA

The award-winning film/series I haven’t written yet:

An all-female superhero crime-fighting team.