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Chiara Del Prete

Casting Assistant

Chiara is so excited about her opportunity at Simon Casting! Born and raised in Chicago, Chiara is a fan of all things Chicago (Go Cubs Go!). When Chiara isn’t at work or studying (which is like never), she is probably eating ice cream and watching Netflix.

Casting Advice

Be prepared and smile. Everyone likes happy people. Also get comfortable being uncomfortable - life is better that way.

Fun Facts

Mafia Family Nickname:

Chiara “I’m Not Clever Enough For This” Del Prete

Celebrity Crush:

Miles Teller, Drake, Rihanna. Depends.

Idea I wish I thought up first:

First Aid vending machine.

If I could set up another branch of Simon Casting, it would be in:

I know an Australian guy and he is really funny, so probably Australia. Austin, TX would be cool too. But Drake is in Toronto so maybe Canada.